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Botany – Architecture

Two Greenhouses at
The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Almost always our trips to Madrid are temporary visits, however whenever we spend a few hours in this big city one of our favorite things is walking Paseo del Prado, it is a street which gathers a cultural immensity that is impossible to cover in just one day. On our last walk through Madrid we decided not to miss the opportunity to go into the Royal Botanical Garden.

The overwhelming green area of this garden encourages getting lost into it for hours. For us the two crown jewels of this impressive botanical field in the very core of Madrid are its two greenhouses.

Finding them is a bold task, since they don't have the leading location of the whole garden, but it is worth to trace every corner and reaching them.

Photography & words by

Our equipment
Leica V-Lux

Royal Botanical Garden
of Madrid – Plaza Murillo, 2

Two greenhouses differentiated by their age and joined by the leafiness

When we moved towards the first greenhouse and observed from outside its modest scale, nothing made us think that once inside we would feel even small.

The size of this greenhouse is not proportional to the plant's beauty and the architectural mechanisms that are inside. Here we could sense the maturity and history which lies in this place. A powerful mass of plants surround you completely.

In the second greenhouse, built in the nineties, we noticed a pleasant and organized character. Standing on its footbridges we contemplated from the top a balance between whim of nature and classification, also containing lots species you don't expect to see up close.

That day luck and the capricious flowering of an unusual orchid variety came together to letting us see an atypical and hypnotizing flower

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